In Memory of Phil Ralston

//In Memory of Phil Ralston

In Memory of Phil Ralston


Phil Ralston passed away Saturday, July 4, 2015, after a 23 month battle with cancer. Phil led MacuCLEAR, Inc. for more than nine years. He took on the challenge of bringing Dr. George Chiou’s exciting discovery from the university laboratory to the marketplace because he was motivated to help people fight the terrible diagnosis of macular degeneration. His tenacious leadership and effortless dedication to the mission of MacuCLEAR has moved the technology from discovery to the clinic. While there is still much work to be done to fully realize the promise of MacuCLEAR, there is no doubt that without Phil’s leadership there would be no MacuCLEAR and Dr. Chiou’s discoveries would never have progressed to the clinic. Phil was absolutely dedicated to making peoples’ lives better and saw MacuCLEAR as a way to do that. His tireless discussion of the MacuCLEAR approach resulted in the recognition of the “Chiou Syndrome” as it relates to choroidal blood flow and he pioneered new approaches to testing for results of this potential dry AMD drug. Phil’s vision for the progress of the future of MacuCLEAR never wavered. His leadership, experience, knowledge and drive will be missed.
MacuCLEAR is moving forward under the leadership of, B.B. Tuley and an experienced and knowledgeable team of scientific and medical advisers. Phil was not able to take MacuCLEAR to the finish line, but he got the company in the race and to its current point. Phil’s memory will be honored by continuing to push toward the finish line.

You are welcome to view Phil’s obituary by clicking here.

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