The History of MacuCLEAR

//The History of MacuCLEAR
The History of MacuCLEAR2017-05-23T18:33:42+00:00

MacuCLEAR, Inc., a Texas Corporation, was formed in 2006 when it secured a worldwide license for a proprietary platform technology for treating and preventing the progression of dry Age Related Macular Degeneration (dryAMD) developed by George C.Y. Chiou, Ph.D. at Texas A&M University. AMD is the leading cause of legal blindness in the world, with the early stage, or dry form affecting 90% of the millions of our aging population who suffer from this pandemic problem. The market is huge, representing billions of dollars, and as of now, no approved treatment is available. Dr. Chiou also led the discovery of Timolol, the pioneering and successful treatment for glaucoma. His work on MC-1101 and the other technology compounds was initially funded by Texas A&M and government grants.

MacuCLEAR, Inc.’s MC-1101 has received 505 b 2 eligibility and Fast Track status from the FDA. This repurposed drug was selected to be the lead compound because it showed optimum treatment characteristics in the discovery process and provided the safest, surest, fastest, and least costly path to drug approval. Ten of the remaining pipeline compounds are new chemical entities, offering potential treatment characteristics for other disorders of the eye, such as Diabetic Macular Edema, as well as second generation novel treatments for dry AMD.

MacuCLEAR, Inc. has an IND, completed a novel and successful Phase Ib/POC human trial, and is at the stage of proving efficacy through next stage human clinical trials. Consistent with contemporary industry practice, it seeks a strategic partnership with the right big Pharma partner to complete its clinical development and commercialization plans.

The Company is led by an experienced life science management team that has commercialized dozens of drugs and devices, and operates a lean and capital efficient organization. The Company is supported by a competent board of directors and its clinical efforts are guided by a team of prominent researchers and clinicians engaged in diseases of the retina.